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Paddy Long’s is featured in Sports Illustrated

Paddy Long’s puts bacon on burgers, naturally. It offers a massive BLT featuring three different types of bacon. It mixes bacon into poutine. But I was most interested in just the bacon itself. So I ordered the bacon board appetizer, which comes with strips of Irish bacon, Danish bacon, jowl bacon and cracked pepper bacon. What arrived was a beautiful … Continue reading

Beerpinions #45- Rafael Gomez

Beerpinions first suburban guest Rafael Gomez comes onto the show. Rafael is the proud proprietor of Minor Threat Restaurant Group (which includes Sovereign of Plainfield and Crusade of Yorkville). Pat and Bruce learn a little bit about running a business in the “burbs” as well as break their no politics rule on the show. Visit or take a trip … Continue reading

USA Today Names “The Bomb” as a Giant Food Perfect for Instagram (and your hunger!)

USA Today had the great taste to include us on their list “10 Ginormous foods ready for Instagram” the write about our food awesomeness:     Chicago bar Paddy Long’s bacon menu includes The Bomb, a 5-pound dish of ground sausage, pork and beef mixed with spices and then wrapped in brown sugar bacon. USA Today  

We Already Knew This But…Here’s Why People Like Bacon So Much, According to Experts

Few meats, let alone foods, inspire as much fervor and excitement as bacon. But that begs the question: “Why do people like bacon so much?” No matter your personal thoughts on the matter, there’s no denying that Americans’ love of bacon is real, if not all-consuming. I mean, can you even name another food item that has a big enough fan base to justify … Continue reading

Beerpinions #20: Mark Legenza

On the latest edition of Beerpinions, Pat & Bruce sit down for an interview with Mark Legenza, the owner of On Tour Brewing. Mark shares his story, shares a bit about his views of the differences between national, local & Colorado brewing. iTunes | Stitcher

Chicago Magazine: Food Challenges Where You Can Win Prizes

Chicago Magazine deemed the bomb worthy of mention (duh) in their write up this week. We couldn’t agree with their assessment more – are you man (or woman – Molly Schuyler is our current record holder!) enough to take the challenge? The Bacon Bomb is five pounds of ground sausage, pork, and beef mixed with spices and wrapped in a weave … Continue reading

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