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Chicago Magazine: Food Challenges Where You Can Win Prizes

Chicago Magazine deemed the bomb worthy of mention (duh) in their write up this week. We couldn’t agree with their assessment more – are you man (or woman – Molly Schuyler is our current record holder!) enough to take the challenge? The Bacon Bomb is five pounds of ground sausage, pork, and beef mixed with spices and wrapped in a weave … Continue reading

Beer, Bacon and Trivia with Pat Berger @ WGN Radio

Our beloved Pat Berger of Paddy Longs and Kaiser Tiger Patrick Berger joined the SoundSeshPod team at WGN Radio in studio to discuss beer, bacon and trivia. You can listen here:

Bacon Shortage? Calm Down. It’s Fake News.

We here at Paddy Long’s know one thing really well…probably better than anyone. What is that? Bacon of course.  So when we heard rumors about bacon shortages we got worried – but rest assured this was a complete lie. Sad.  We are happy to report that the New York Times got on the case and investigated.  “To imply that there’s … Continue reading

The Bucket Boys take on the Bomb!

Bucket Boys Video

Growing up Justin could always eat more food than most so he figured he would finally try competitive food eating. The 10th ranked in the world “Juan More Bite” agreed to show us how this was done as we try and tackle Paddy Long’s Bacon Bomb. Did they succeed? Watch the video & find out! 

Runaway pig named ‘Kevin Bacon’ returned to owner

Much like the runaway world series champion that has returned to Chicago after a 108 year hiatus – another runaway made his way home today. A wayward pig named Kevin Bacon has been safely returned to his owner, thanks to a couple of bemused police officers who found the portly animal waddling “footloose and fancy free” down a residential street. … Continue reading

Thrillist: Every Chicagoan Needs To Take These Food & Drink Tours

Nicole Bruce of Thrillist takes us on a veritable culinary journey through the city of Chicago in this awesome list of Chicago Tours. There are certainly some cool Chicago tours you’ll actually want to go on with visitors, but the city’s culinary tours are worth booking immediately, no guests needed. These excursions unlock Chicago’s intricate culture at its heart: that boozy, food-laden … Continue reading

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